We create Dynamic Dental Assistants!

p Tuition Fees

Tuition is $2975.00 for the BACK OFFICE CLINICAL ASSISTING program. This is a hands on BACK OFFICE CLINICAL instruction for a Dental Assisting Certification AND our new addition to the program of FRONT OFFICE ADMINISTRATION is $895.00 (online course) with DENTRIX SOFTWARE INSTRUCTION! All books, materials, and a set of dental scrubs for the 10 week dental assisting program is…

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p Valuing Our Patients

The core of our practice… Ask any dentist what they value most in their practice and the answer will all be a resounding, “my patients”. Patients are the life blood of the dental office. If we don’t have patients we don’t have a schedule, if we don’t have a schedule we don’t have hours to work, which leads to the…

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p The importance of being reliable…The greatest ability is dependability

One’s position as a dental assistant entails various clinical and communication skills but also, just as important, is to be reliable, trustworthy and consistent.  Dentists rely on their assistants to be punctual, therefore accommodating the patients time scheduled for treatment. It is imperative that the assistant is in the dental office 15-20 minutes prior to the first scheduled patient. The…

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