We create Dynamic Dental Assistants!

p Happiness equals productivity

Dentistry is a very diverse field to work in.. Positions vary  from a chair side assistant to an outside dental sales rep. working side by side in private dental practice or as an independent sales rep one must be flexible and demonstrate the ability to work effectively with many different personalities. this can prove to be a challenge at times…

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p Skills dentists are looking for when hiring a dental assistant

Results from a recent survey I conducted indicate that dentists in Orange County, California are looking for specific skills when hiring a dental assistant. The most sought after skills were chair side capabilities. Specifically, the ability to fabricate temporary crowns, implant placement procedures and producing quality digital diagnostic radiographs. Laboratory procedures such as taking accurate alginate impressions, pouring and trimming…

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p Teaching is a joy for me

Dental Assisting has proved to be a very rewarding career. It has afforded me to be in a comfortable position for many years. I am the youngest of four sisters that were all in nursing, as was my Mom. You can imagine, I was urged to forge on into medicine, but I knew I didn’t have the stomach for it!…

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