We create Dynamic Dental Assistants!


Internships are provided in Austin in conjunction with the tuition fee. Hands on training in a dental office will commence upon graduation, provided the student has passed all exams and clinical evaluations with a 75% average. Dental offices are very willing and eager to accept dental assistant interns as it allows for a “give back” situation to the dental field. The internship is a vehicle for the DA student to gain additional hands on experience performing laboratory and chair side procedures while working in a dental office. The internship typically consists of 30 days of non-paid training or 160 hours in a dental office. Often times, a position becomes available within the office where your training was completed. You will be trained by dentists and dental assistants qualified to show you how a real dental office runs on a daily basis. Helping you to succeed as a “dynamic” dental assistant!

Most dentists today want a dental assistant to have some basic knowledge of dental terminology, chair side procedures, patient care, sterilization, and laboratory skills. Once in their office, they will train you to their specifications. It is virtually impossible to attain a position in a dental office as a dental assistant without some modicum of knowledge and skill. DAD gives you that. Dental assisting can be a competitive field so it behooves you to be a step ahead of the competition. I suggest to all of my students that they start applying for dental assisting positions while still in my class. Many students got a jump start on the interviewing process and procured a position before graduation. This training will “get” you into the industry, keeping you in it, is up to you!