We create Dynamic Dental Assistants!


Fall session was Oct 19, 2013 – Dec 21, 2013    YEAH!! THIS SESSION HAS GRADUATED! CONGRATS…

Winter session was Feb 1st-April 5th 2014        Graduated and everyone is working!!

Spring session was April 26th-July 5th 2014        Awesome students on their journey as a dental professional! 

Summer session was July 19th 2014-Sept 27t, 2014      Another class on their way to a great career!  

Fall session is Oct 4 2014-Dec 20 2014    Everyone has a job…congrats ladies!

Winter session  is Jan 10 2015- March 28 2015      More amazing students entering the field of dentistry…

Next class is Sept 3, 2016-Nov 19, 2016..Don’t wait to enroll..classes fill up quickly!