We create Dynamic Dental Assistants!

p Valuing Our Patients

The core of our practice…
Ask any dentist what they value most in their practice and the answer
will all be a resounding, “my patients”. Patients are the life blood of
the dental office. If we don’t have patients we don’t have a schedule,
if we don’t have a schedule we don’t have hours to work, which leads
to the obvious; no need for dental assistants. Quality patients are
critical to a thriving practice as well. Unfortunately, insurance and the
economy drives a lot of the decisions made by patients concerning their
treatment. The best patient is the educated patient. Knowledge and the
ability to understand a treatment plan proposal defines the direction of
treatment and ultimately the result the dentist can achieve. Therefore
dentistry has designed systems to succinctly explain treatment to
our patients, making their decisions easier.It is imperative these
educational systems are in place and utilized to the fullest for optimum
patient care.

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