We create Dynamic Dental Assistants!

p Happiness equals productivity

Dentistry is a very diverse field to work in.. Positions vary  from a chair side assistant to an outside dental sales rep. working side by side in private dental practice or as an independent sales rep one must be flexible and demonstrate the ability to work effectively with many different personalities. this can prove to be a challenge at times being that peramiters are usually preset prior to your joining the company. therefore one must demonstrate flexibility, efficiency and tact. establishing a cohesive relationship with co-workers is key to your success in dentistry and personal happiness. it is a proven fact that if one feels validated and fufilled in their chosen career they are more creative, energetic, loyal and productive. who doesnt want that? both from the employers aspect and the employee it’s a win/win. Happiness within shines outwardly. Your patients and coworkers will see this and feel it emanating from you if you are truly happy.  I urge you to evaluate this dynamic from time to time on a personal and professional level. Ask your self these questions: do I like coming to work everyday? Do I enjoy the people I work with? Do I feel appreciated? Am I consistently learning and growing as an individual and as a business professional? what purpose do i serve? If the answers to these questions are negative, then it’s time to re-evaluate your purpose. This may mean that you just need to relocate practices or   Make a more severe decision on your current career path. Whatever the case may be, it greatly behooves you and your co-workers to make the necessary modifications that will ensure your happiness.

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