We create Dynamic Dental Assistants!

p Teaching is a joy for me

Dental Assisting has proved to be a very rewarding career. It has afforded me to be in a comfortable position for many years. I am the youngest of four sisters that were all in nursing, as was my Mom. You can imagine, I was urged to forge on into medicine, but I knew I didn’t have the stomach for it! So I chose dentistry. I thought it would be interesting because I “loved teeth”! Little did I know the ad I answered for a DA, “no experience necessary” would lead me into a fabulous career. Working for numerous exceptional dentists in California and attending countless dental seminars to enhance my expertise has not only made me the person I am today, but has surely made me the dynamic registered dental assistant I am today. I continue to be amazed by the constant innovation and remarkable advances in dentistry, therefore making dentistry an exciting field for dental personnel and patients.

Teaching has become a passion I didn’t know I had. Ingrained leadership skills and taking the path less traveled has shown me I have so much to give to eager students. I enjoy getting to know my students personally and have continued to keep in contact with the majority of them over the years. Teaching is a joy for me. I adore it immensely and as expected, my students are reaping the benefits. Let’s keep learning together!

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